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    Look inside your living room

    Your living room could be decorated with styles from around the world! American Country It’s all about comfort. Go with the each house, cozy lodge or country farm look. In true country style, choose cowhide furniture, a soft, fluffy rug and rustic wall décor. Asian Allure Use rich red and gold colors. Look for luxurious, satin fabrics. A low, dark coffee table will complement neutral walls and a bright area rug. Italian Contemporary Decorate with rectangular, leather couches, white carpet or wood floors, bold-colored rugs, neutral-colored walls and minimal accents. Mirrors make great decorations, too. Traditional English Classic is always in. Floral-patterned chairs sit by fancy end tables in dark…

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    The Basics of Home Inspections

    If you’re thinking of buying a home this summer, it’s important to protect yourself and your investment with a home inspection. A professional assessment by a reputable home inspector will uncover any problems, and alert you to any necessary repairs and updates. When writing an offer to purchase, you will want to include a request for inspection. I can change your offer to include that request. Once you go into contract, you will have the opportunity to bring in an inspector of your choosing. But if you don’t have anyone in mind, I can provide you with a list of qualified inspectors. An inspection will cost you several hundred dollars,…

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    Look inside your kitchen

    Your kitchen is a central place for the family to meet. According to feng shui, it also gives the whole house and family energy and vitality. Here are some quick tips for bringing your kitchen to life the feng shui way. .Gather fresh flowers, and put them in a vase between your stove and refrigerator. If flowers are too expensive, use bamboo instead..Place a large bowl of fruit in the middle of the table or the counter. This represents wealth and bounty. .Be fresh and natural. Create your own herb garden in the kitchen. .Have the windows open as much as possible. Keep the blinds and curtains drawn during the…

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    Choose the Right Paint Color

    Choosing the right paint color means more than sorting through a few sample strips at the hardware store. Here are some tips to help you choose the right color: Be patient. Paint is available in an infinite array of colors, and is the most versatile element of your room. Get ideas, but make the final decision after rugs, wallpaper and fabrics are finalized. Study the colors. You’ll find clues about the underlying tones of different shades of a color on a full sample strip of coordinated colors. Decide if the family of colors is the direction you’re headed with your color selection. Trim it out. Choosing an off-white or white…

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    One Mistake You Don’t Want to Make When Buying a Home

    Don’t make a major purchase. So you’ve found your next dream home and the seller accepted your offer to purchase. The home is officially under contract, you’re counting down the days to closing, and you’ve been pre-approved by the lender. The house is yours for sure, right? Well … not so fast. Nothing is certain in the home-buying process until the keys are in your hand. There are still hurdles to jump before it’s yours, and your actions from start to closing can create slowdowns and even halt the sale. So through my next several posts, I’ll be listing the top five things not to do before closing on a…

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    Look inside your garage

    Your garage door gives your house personality. Not only does it have curb appeal, it also adds value to your home. There are dozens of styles available. You can buy a pre-made door or customize your own! .The carriage house style gives a traditional horse and buggy feel to your home, with swinging doors. It looks fantastic on older, more traditional houses. .You may also try an English manor style. These beautiful doors give the illusion of sliding doors of the past, yet they open like a regular overhead door. .Do you have a new, chic home or need an update? Modern, aluminum styles are very trendy right now. The…

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    Look inside your color scheme

    Your wall color might be dictating your mood! Green The easiest on the eye. It’s relaxing and peaceful-that’s why most hospitals use it. Purple Luxurious and calming-a great bedroom color. Blue Cool and tranquil-perfect for most rooms in your home. Pink Known to cause fatigue. Some sports coaches paint the opposing team’s locker rooms pink! Yellow Incites anger in adults and makes babies cry more often than other colored rooms, according to studies. Red Energizing and warming, but it’s best used as an accent color.

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    Look inside your home fragrance

    Incense sticks To use, set the coated end on fire until it glows. Then extinguish the flame so that the incense continues to glow and smoke. Soon, your home will be filled with your favorite aroma. Want to set a mood? For a calming effect, use sandalwood. Feeling tired? Try lavender or rosemary. Woke up feeling irritable today? Use ocean or spring-scented incense. Candles They make the perfect decoration for any room in your home and generate a great aroma. Trim the wick to 1/4 inch. Remove the wick trimmings. Extinguish a candle when the wick is one inch from the bottom. Air fresheners There are a variety of scented…

  • Home Maintenance

    July Home Maintenance Checklist

    Going on vacation? Before packing your bags this July, examine key areas of your home for damage or safety concerns so you can rest easy while enjoying your summer getaway: – Examine your basement, attic and other small spaces for summer pest infestation. -Inspect all window and door locks to assure safety. -Check your home for any water leaks or water damage. -Inspect and maintain your air conditioning unit and replace filters. -Keep your lawn green by watering efficiently.