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    Resale Value: A Determining Factor

    Everyone has their own idea about how the perfect house should be. But there are often overlapping ideal qualities that most buyers will look for in their dream home. Here are a few things to consider for strong resale value in your new home: House Size A house’s value is usually determined by others near it in its neighborhood. If you buy a larger house in the neighborhood, its resale value will be lower. Conversely, if you decide to purchase a smaller or medium-sized house in a neighborhood filled with larger homes, these larger homes will pull up the value of your own. Decide whether it’s more important to live…

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    Add Some Color to Your Life

    Below are some tips on how to use color to help accessorize any room in your home! Tips for using colors: Painting a ceiling will drastically energize a room without disrupting the room’s other elements. Different colors can be used to create a specific feeling in a room. For example, pink will add a sense of surprise or warmth, and blue can give an outdoor feel to a room. For a very dramatic approach, use gold or silver. In a bedroom, a colorful quilt will add character. If you want an artistic effect, stretch the quilt over a canvas and hang it on a wall for instant color and pattern.…

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    Home Sellers Yield High Returns Investing in Curb Appeal

    (ARA) – When selling a home it pays to perk up where you park. “A remodeled kitchen and bath can help sell a home, but curb appeal is what gets buyers through the door,” says Betty Jane Garrett, a licensed agent with Paradigm Realty in Oklahoma City. “If they don’t like what they see from the street chances are they won’t waste time going inside.” An old worn out garage door, even on the cutest house, can change “Honey, stop the car,” into “Keep driving,” in an instant. Realtors in a nationwide survey say replacing your garage door prior to listing your home can increase its curb appeal and the…

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    Debt Doesn’t Have to be a Four Letter Word

    (ARA) – For the average American, debt is a fact of life. But not all debt should be considered detrimental. Buying a house or a car, or funding your education can be positive, wealth-building steps even though they often require incurring some debt. The key, then, is not to avoid taking on debt at all costs, but to only take on specific, well-considered debts, and manage them wisely so that you control the debt, rather than letting the debt control you. No matter what kind of debt you are thinking of taking on, there are some basic steps you can take to manage it. * First, make sure you are…

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    Neighborhood Know-How

    You can learn a lot about the character of a neighborhood just by driving around. Also, consider talking to some of the neighbors about concerns such as: *How do the children routinely reach their schools, play areas and friends’ homes — by walking, bicycle, bus or do parents drive them? *Is public transportation available for commuting or shopping? *How far away is your place of worship? *Do any local ordinances affect pets, parking, lawn care or other activities? *What are the disadvantages of the neighborhood? Freeway, railroad or airplane noise? Factory pollution, heavy traffic, exposure to heavy storms, possible flooding? *Are there homeowners’ association restrictions? Here are some additional sources…

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    Look inside your bedroom

    Your bed wants you to wake up on the right side! Changing your bedding can change your whole day! Comforters They’re designed to “comfort” you. They’re soft and fluffy and come in dozens of colors. Quilts They’re traditional and practical. Quilts are a wonderful addition to your bed, rack or wall. Blankets They’re less expensive than other bed covering choices, so you can create a new look with every season. Duvets These are protective covers for your down comforter. It will add some pizzazz to your plain white bed.

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    Look inside . . . your memories

    Your pictures are worth a thousand words! Keep your precious moments in time forever. Show them off! .Dedicate a wall or a hallway to your family pictures. It could be kid’s school portraits or family scenes. .Go with the classic album. It may seem old-fashioned, but they’re simple to put together and easy to store. .Scrap book! It’s fun for the whole family. It can be an on-going process or a job done in a week. .Try something new, like a collage! Frame your work when you’re finished. It’s a definite conversation piece. .Frame them. Decorate a table in the living or dining room with framed family photos. .Pick out…

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    Trying to Sell Your Home? Give it Scentmosphere!

    (ARA) – Looking to sell your home? All you hear these days in the news and from friends is how bad the housing market is, and for good reason. There are too many existing houses on the market, builders have had to get more aggressive in selling new homes, interest rates and gas prices are up … these are not ideal conditions. Selling a home is not the easiest thing to do. It can be an emotional roller coaster as it’s usually our largest asset, and most of us only have the opportunity to do it a few times in our lifetime. Although a professional real estate agency can help,…

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    Boosting Your Home’s Bottom Line: Big Ideas for Making a Good First Impression

    (ARA) – A home’s exterior makes or breaks the first impression when prospective buyers see your home initially. If you’re looking to add value to your home without spending a lot of money, consider enhancing its curb appeal with a new front door. A spruced-up entryway can add as much as $24,000 to a home’s perceived value, according to research commissioned by Therma-Tru Doors. “Your home competes for attention with the other homes in the neighborhood and even on your block. But you’ll never get an offer if potential buyers don’t make it through the front door,” says Tom Kraeutler, AOL Real Estate’s home improvement editor and co-host of ‘The…

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    Exterior Paint Tips

    Summer is an excellent time for clients to paint their homes. The hot weather ensures faster drying times and minimizes weather-related complications and delays. Here are some good tips for your customers: Inspect the exterior. Before painting, check for bad patches, stains or rot. Damaged wood siding or trim could indicate water damage. Repair the damage and find the problem’s source. It could be a small roof leak, or poorly sealed surface or joint somewhere in the structure. You can’t fix problems by painting them. Pick the right color. A home’s color can influence its property value, as well as the neighbors’. Go with shades of white, gray, beige or…