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    December Home Maintenance

    Happy holidays! While enjoying this festive season with family and friends, double-check December’s tips for a warm and cozy home environment: -Monitor ice build-up in gutters and drain spouts. -Inspect all interior plugs and switches for safety. -Check and maintain fire extinguisher. -Examine wood burning flues for blockage and clean if necessary. -Grind ice cubes in garbage disposal to sharpen blades. -Check attic for leaks and condensation. -Store firewood at least 30 feet away from the house.

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    Throw a Memorable and Safe Holiday Party

    Throwing a holiday party is a great way to celebrate the season with friends and family. From great food and drinks to decorations and songs, here is everything you need to know to have a memorable and safe holiday gathering. Decorations can set the mood for your party. Whether you are looking for a formal feel with dark burgundies or hunter greens, or a relaxed environment with bright reds and greens, partygoers are sure to remember a well decorated party. Candles and white lights can also set a winter mood. Keep in mind, though, that the open flame of a candle can be unsafe around small children. Place candles in…

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    Cut Down on Winter Bills

    If you’re like most homeowners, you probably dread opening your energy bills during winter months. But there are ways to prevent energy loss and keep your home well-heated. Follow these tips and watch the cost of your energy bills drop this winter. Set Your ThermostatIn the winter, your thermostat really only needs to be set at about 62°F. If you feel a little chilled, put on a cozy sweater or some fleece-lined pants. And nothing beats a warm cup of hot chocolate to keep you toasty. Plug Up Leaks To find out if you’re losing heat through windows and doors, conduct a candle test. Place a lit candle by the…