• Renting

    Renting Versus Buying: A Guide to Help You Decide

    (ARA) – Buying a home is one of the most important decisions a person can make. After years of living with parents, with college classmates in dorms, or alone in an apartment, the time may come that buying a house or condominium will improve one’s financial stability and sense of personal security. “There are advantages and disadvantages to both purchasing a home for a primary residence and renting temporary living quarters,“ says Peter Palko, adjunct instructor at Brown Mackie College — Findlay. “I recommend that buyers take a broader, more flexible approach to buying property by maintaining alignment with their short and long term personal and financial goals. Spend as…

  • Yard & Garden

    Updated Yards

    Concrete patios and rock gardens are things of the past – today’s consumers want large, open yards where they can envision children throwing the ball around and dogs playing fetch! Contact me today for all of your real estate and home improvement needs!

  • Holiday,  Spring

    How to Choose the Perfect Bouquet for Mother’s Day

    (ARA) – Whether it’s your grandmother, mother, wife or friend, flowers continue to remain one of the most popular gifts to give on Mother’s Day. Make this her most memorable Mother’s Day yet by giving her something that reflects her unique personality and style. From contemporary to casual, Laura Milder, ProFlowers designer and floral expert, offers tips on how to make sure your bouquet selection will be the perfect fit for the personality and style of that special mom in your life.   Modern mom – She’s hipper than you, always has the latest editions of “Vogue” and “Vanity Fair,” and knows what’s “hot” before everyone else. For mothers that…

  • Home Decor,  Staging

    Updated Basements

    Finished basements will make any home more attractive. Today, 9-foot ceilings and large windows are in high demand – the high ceilings make room for the home theater systems that are hot on the market! Contact me today for all of your real estate and home improvement needs!

  • Home Value

    How to Green-Up Your Home’s Value

    (ARA) – Want a good way to help protect the value of your home? Remember these two words: green matters. Not green paint, mind you, but green space. It’s an umbrella term for the trees, lawn, shrubs and other plantings that can affect not only the salability of your home, but your utility bills as well. Which is why Project EverGreen, a national non-profit organization, is leading the charge to educate consumers about the many values of green space — especially as it affects their pocketbooks. According to Den Gardner, executive director of Project EverGreen, “research shows that improving the green space around your home can have real economic benefits.”…

  • Home Decor,  Staging

    Update Lighting

    Lighting is one of the most important parts of interior decorating, yet it’s often overlooked. If your home doesn’t have a lot of natural light, you should think about installing recessed lighting or new sconces. You want your visitors and potential buyers to see your beautiful home in the best of light! Contact me today for all of your real estate and home improvement needs!

  • Spring,  Yard & Garden

    Ring in Spring with Tulips

    (ARA) – Tulips are a vibrant, timeless symbol of spring. They are available from January through May and join groundhogs, grass and new leaves on trees as indicators that warmer weather is on its way. Their delicate shape, graceful posture and vibrant colors have inspired this flower’s popularity across cultures and throughout time. They are a great way to celebrate spring holidays, including Easter. Forever recognized as a symbol of spring, nothing is more appropriate to decorate for your spring festivities. Many spring celebrations focus on the concept of rebirth or renewal due to spring being the time of new life and planting new crops. Historically, it is a time…