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Ring in Spring with Tulips

(ARA) – Tulips are a vibrant, timeless symbol of spring. They are available from January through May and join groundhogs, grass and new leaves on trees as indicators that warmer weather is on its way. Their delicate shape, graceful posture and vibrant colors have inspired this flower’s popularity across cultures and throughout time. They are a great way to celebrate spring holidays, including Easter.

Forever recognized as a symbol of spring, nothing is more appropriate to decorate for your spring festivities. Many spring celebrations focus on the concept of rebirth or renewal due to spring being the time of new life and planting new crops. Historically, it is a time when people are optimistic about the future. Kids dye Easter eggs for their baskets, little girls wear pretty pastel dresses, and families gather for a feast. The tulip’s bright, festive colors and gentle fragrance add beauty and grace to any table setting and are a perfect addition to a spring equinox dinner party or Easter brunch.
With over 100 species and more than five hundred different varieties, tulips are one of the largest members of the lily family. They are most often found in shades of red, yellow, violet and white. Two-tone and variegated varieties of tulips are also becoming increasingly popular.
Tulips are unique in that they continue to grow after cutting. Their stems will often extend up to two inches after they are clipped. Also, the flowers’ attraction to sources of light may cause tulip stems to bend, twist and turn into new and beautiful positions.
To maximize the vase life of your flowers, the floral experts at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM recommend that you select tulips with tight flower heads. Cut off at least 1/2 inch of the flower stems before placing your tulips in a vase filled with cool water. It is not necessary to add flower foods or preservatives to cut tulips. Arranging tulips in a tall vase, as well as placing a penny in the bottom of the vase, will keep your tulips stems standing tall longer. With proper care and handling, your flowers should last between four and seven days.
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