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Home Staging Tips that won't Break the Bank

I know I talk about staging a lot, and if you're about to sell, you might think, "this sounds expensive."
If I think we need to bring in a professional stager, I will tell you honestly. But, most of the time, staging costs very little (if anything!). Here are a few of my favorite "on the fly" staging tips:
💡 Play up the brightness of your home by opening all of the window shades, turning on every lamp, and replacing any dim lights with 100-watt bulbs.
🛋 Bring your furniture off the walls -- this is a trick to make rooms look bigger and more spacious, even if it's just a few feet.
🌷 Create mini "vignettes" throughout your home and stage end tables, nightstands, or empty surfaces with plants, fresh flowers, frames, and other decorative accents.
🎨 Freshen up baseboards, moldings, and trim with white paint.
🍽 Set the dinner table as though you were about to have a dinner party. It can help buyers easily imagine their gatherings around the table.
Pro tip: since we're all staying home more, I highly recommend trying some of these tips even if you aren't selling! Fresh flowers go a long way in brightening up a room and your mood!
For more staging tips download my staging guide at no cost and no obligation: